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Practice Efficacy Program

“Where Veterinary Medicine, Practice Marketing, Technology & Business Become One”

Veterinary Practice is a Business.

    ✔ However, many practices don’t operate like businesses, and thus the bottom lines are not what they could be.

To Succeed in the Marketplace, Veterinary Practices Must Utilize Expertise in New Technology & Marketing

    ✔ Bring in more new clients/patients
    ✔ Retain more current clients/patients
    ✔ Increase patient visits
    ✔ Assist in building the practice financially
    ✔ Evaluate the financial performance

Proactive Client Communication is Key to Success

    ✔ Clients want more information and will get it somewhere
    ✔ Multiple pet information sources today

Multi-Pronged Approach is Key to Success

    ✔ Multiple communications
    ✔ Multiple times
    ✔ Multiple methods

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