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Zeke Fund

Zeke Fund
The Zeke Fund

In honor of Dr. Childs beloved dog Zeke he began a special fund to help others with emergency vet bills.

Zeke was a dog that the Childs family adopted from the Humane Society. His temperament was so exceptional that Cindy Childs trained him to become a therapy dog.  Together they did therapy work for Heartland Hospice and began a reading therapy group for the children at Siple Elementary. Unfortunately, the Childs family lost Zeke in September 2008.

Here at Childs Veterinary Clinic, we truly understand how therapeutic pets are to your family. This fund is set up for families in financial need that have an EMERGENCY situation with their pet. This fund is not for annual pet care. Any contribution to help out others in our community will be greatly appreciated.

Childs Veterinary Clinic

A few of Zeke Fund participants include...

Harley is a 22 week old active Pomeranian puppy that unfortunately one day leaped in front of his owner and was stepped on. The little guy was unable to endure the weight on his little leg and it was broken in half. His people had hit hard times and desperately wanted to take care of him. The surgery was going to cost them $1,200 which was way out of their price range. Fortunately the Zeke fund was available to help them out with part of the cost. Harley is doing GREAT and his owners are very grateful to the people who have donated to the Zeke Fund.


Mariah beautiful white American Shepard that was rescued by a family in the Davison. During her first week with the family she decided to bolt out the front door right into the street where she was hit by a car. She had a tear in one her lungs and was banged up pretty bad. She stayed in the hospital for a few days, and made a full recovery. The owners appreciated the help from the Zeke Fund for this unexpected expense.
Mojo was a very fortunate pup that was rescued by Chiquetta Pack when he was thrown from a moving car on M-15. Mrs. Pack called the police and Dr. Childs to help the little Chihuahua. He was pretty banged up but had no broken bones. There was a laceration on his face so he needed a few stitches. He stayed at the clinic throughout his recovery. Mrs. Pack offered to take him if his people were never found. But thanks to Craigs list he was reunited with his family. Come to find out their neighbor was the culprit who committed such a hideous crime. 

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