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From Our Clients

      Dear Dr. Childs,

Thank you for letting me come to your clinic and watch you do surgery.  It was really cool.  And it was better than school!  I think I might want to be a veterinarian when I grow up.

Jacob Jennings

Dear Dr. Childs and Staff,

Congratulations on your new veterinary practice! I saw the announcement ads in the Davison Index and the Davison Flagstaff.
The picture is of Asia (right), and her “sister” Cinnamon. Asia was brought to your other place of employment in September of 2005 (3 months old) after being hit by a car. She had a broken jaw and a fractured bone in her shoulder. Her previous owner signed over ownership (due to cost), and many caretakers stepped forward to save and rehabilitate her. It was YOU, Dr. Childs, who performed Asia’s surgeries-on her jaw and shoulder.

I met, fell in love with and adopted Asia in November of 2005. She is now (about) 51 lbs of full-functioning energy. She is happy, healthy and loves to romp, play and chew.

Asia is a treasured part of our family. That is possible because of people like you, who chose to help her-to give her a chance. Thank-you!!  I’m sure that we will be paying you a visit in the future. God Bless You!!

Lori Allen



Thank you Dr. Childs, Cindy & Staff for saving Max’s life and working with us. He is doing great! See you in a couple weeks.

Bridgette, Rudy & Max

We had Christmas puppies!  Here are just a few pictures.

And, at four weeks....

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