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We want to earn your trust and confidence by providing you and your pets with the best and most comprehensive veterinary care available today. Each of our patients is treated individually with the care and time taken to make them feel at ease. You will feel reassured in knowing your pet is getting a thorough examination and evaluation.

We strive to offer total health care from pediatrics to geriatrics, from preventive to emergency medicine, and from diets and nutrition to dental care. We are always happy to discuss animal health matters, whether it be prevention, diagnosis or treatment.

We supply puppy and kitten information packets on your first visit to help you and your pet get off to a great start. Additionally, all new patients are photographed with their owners and the pictures are put on our new patient board for everyones enjoyment.

                 PET HEALTH TIPS!


Bird nutrition plays an important role in keeping your pet healthy. 75% of all the problems we see in birds are related to nutrition, so by emphasizing proper diet we can help insure good health. Pelleted diets provide the most solid form of nutrition by providing a diet that is completely balanced and doesnt allow a bird to pick and choose what he eats, like in a seed mixture.

Because it is so important, we offer these tips on how we convert birds to pellets in the hospital:


All pets can be microchipped, which provides a definitive form of identification that stays with the patient for life. This ID allows the patient to be traced back to the owner if he is ever lost or stolen, by reading the chip with a special scanner. These scanners are provided to the local SPCA facilities free of charge, and most veterinarians also have them. The procedure is inexpensive and performed quickly with minimal discomfort, analogous to an intramuscular injection.


Well, the days of battling fleas are long gone now that we have new forms of easy and convenient flea prevention. Our most popular form of prevention is SENTINEL, a chewable pill that is given once a month with food to prevent fleas, heartworms and intestinal parasites. All dogs in the household must be taking Sentinel or another kind of effective flea prevention for it to be effective.  For comprehensive prevention we offer Frontline (topical) or NexGard to prevent fleas and TICKS.  Using a combined approach (Sentinel and Frontline or NexGard) gives maximal protection.

For Cats we use Frontline for Fleas and Ticks or Revolution (Topical) for Heartworms and fleas.

We can design a custom preventive program that best fits your pets needs


We all assume that as our pets get older they slow down and we accept this as part of the normal aging process; however, we forget that as we have aches and pains we reach for that bottle of ibuprofen or aspirin. Our pets can also benefit from newer products that are designed to help the painful patient. I routinely prescribe Glycoflex, a natural compound made from perna mussels that increases the production of joint fluid and also helps the regeneration of cartilage. This is especially useful in any patient that is experiencing joint pain associated with arthritis, like hip dysplasia. It is safe, natural and very effective at removing the pain at the source by providing added cushioning to the affected joints.

I also use antioxidants and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that can be given once daily and work very similarly to ibuprofen in people. Deramaxx has been designed to be well-tolerated long term, in dogs, providing 24 hours of relief with one dose.

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